curriculum vitae

My 2004 album The Atlantic Sickness was released on the net label Hippocamp.
At this point it is no longer available.

I made a track featuring a kid I recorded in the Republic of Ghana called "Reflect it Twice More" that was featured on Hippocamp's 100th release compilation (also unavailable at this point) as well as on the Milwaukee promo-label Drop a Log's 2005 compilation Movements from an Outhouse Basement. Download it here.

My track "Some of Their Backs were Frozen" is on the Audiobulb compilation Exhibition #3. This track was also featured on's downloads section on the week of May 2, 2006.

I have a track on the Luvsound compilation Summer Gate. Sun made of gave.

My tune "Northern" closes the first disc of the Audiobulb series
Favourite Places.

I remade a piece by Lara Brodsky on the Luvsound compilation
Remakes of Lara (a Compilation).

My track "Saigon," generated exclusively from Sega Game Gear sounds, is on another Luvsound compilation called Soothing Sounds for a Baby.

My EP "Hendrix" was mastered at Panic Studios and appears as the second half of a split tape with Sm^th on Wolf Interval. Find the whole split here.